What Software Engineers Want Most When Job Searching 


Technology businesses are finding it more challenging than ever before to attract top software and electronics engineering talent, as the labour market continues to favour jobseekers. With new tech jobs opening up at an accelerated rate, software engineers are becoming more confident in their ability to receive new job offers, higher wages, and improved benefits. For hiring managers, this means they should be aware of the top factors software engineers actively consider when seeking a new opportunity. We’ve made a list of what potential jobseekers are likely to place the highest value on: 



In the search for new career opportunities, potential software engineers prioritise higher salaries. To attract top software engineers, hiring managers must avoid posting deceiving job descriptions, because jobseekers value transparency, speed, and responsiveness.  


2.Growth Opportunities 

Many employees feel comfortable quitting a job without having another lined up therefore, it is vital to ensure that employees are offered opportunities for growth within the company. Software engineers are willing to switch jobs if they feel their current workplace is not investing in their learning and development in order to broaden their skills.  


3.Remote Working 

Software engineers are more willing to accept a lower salary in order to work remotely, making this an important consideration when accepting or rejecting a job offer. Despite the desire to work remotely increasing, a considerable amount of software engineers value company culture, also making it an important factor for potential jobseekers.  


4. Work/Life Balance

The pandemic has inspired software engineers to prioritise their mental health but unfortunately, the number of employers providing mental health resources to jobseekers has been low.  


Increased workload, and cost of living is causing high levels of stress and burnout therefore, employers should carefully consider the needs of their talent, ensuring that the relevant mental health support is put in place. The support also includes flexible working and offering software engineers the work/life balance they are after.  


Losing top software engineers is easy in the current technology labour market which is constantly changing. As a result, tech companies must continue to adapt according to the needs of software and electronic engineers based on their own terms.  


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