Are you dissatisfied with recruitment agencies in Cambridge?

In Cambridge, there are many technology recruitment agencies focusing on technical and engineering vacancies. However, we understand that it can be a struggle to find the perfect recruitment agency with the right expertise. It can be difficult to decide which is the best recruitment agency to use for growing your software, Electronics or development teams.

Not all technology recruitment agencies value what is most important when it comes to recruiting technical people who are a key part of running your projects smoothly. We know that hiring the right people requires a lot of time and effort, especially for specialist tech jobs.

Finding candidates with the right skills is important, but the difficult part is finding people who are a good team fit and have the right technical skills. Many Cambridge recruiters will struggle to send you candidates with team compatibility and a positive attitude because they’ve only looked at the CV. This is usually a waste of time for the hiring manager and doesn’t progress the application further.

Our clients raise many complaints about other engineering recruitment agencies and choose to use us because we’re technical specialists with years of experience. Due to our keen focus on technical jobs, we can help you avoid those problems and find you the perfect technical candidates based in Cambridge.

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We are one of the top-rated tech recruitment agencies in the UK, recruiting for technical skills for our technology focused clients, and we take a genuine interest in the technical projects that matter to them. Our clients and candidates consistantly rate us as the leading job agency. We can resolve the employment challenges you have and provide the best engineering candidates based in Cambridge.

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Hexwired recruitment consultants find the best hires for you

Our tech recruiters have over 10+ years of combined recruitment experience, alongside an expert understanding of technical languages and skills specific to the Cambridge tech industries. Hexwired recruitment specialists have a real interest and passion for their areas of expertise.

We can fill those niche technical jobs that other employment agencies struggle with. Hexwired technology consultants in Cambridge will fill your vacancies in a professional, proactive, and efficient manner. Find out more about technology recruitment agencies in Cambridge or submit your vacancy to us.

How Hexwired will help you as an experienced tech recruitment agency:

Choosing the right job agency to partner with can give you peace of mind and ensure your job will be filled with the perfect tech talent. Here are some of the ways we can help as a technology recruiter:

  • Giving you access to new technical candidates in Cambridge, whether you need remote or onsite, temporary or permanent team members. We will connect you with talented and experienced technical professionals. Find the right technology candidates in the UK with Hexwired.
  • Helping you hire niche and specialist skilled tech professionals. Our recruiters in Cambridge have years of experience working with a broad and diverse candidate pool, including hard-to-reach candidates searching for new job opportunities.
  • Providing you support throughout the entire recruitment process, including advising hiring managers, assisting with job descriptions or interviews. Our tech recruitment agency in Cambridge is available to help.

Hexwired Recruitment can be your employment partner in the UK. We are a technology recruiter that deliver when it comes to filling those challenging vacancies that are hard to find candidates for.

To summarise, unlike other technology recruitment agencies, our recruitment process, technical knowledge, long-term relationships and collaborative approach makes it easier and faster for tech employers to find their next team member.

Cambridge, Deep Tech, Life Sciences, Job Market

Home to one of the highest-ranked universities and an ever-growing deep tech and life sciences sector, Cambridge is regarded as one of the fastest-expanding cities in the UK. With easy access to areas such as London, the small city has a lively and thriving town centre, keeping people entertained.

Cambridge is a magnet for technology focused job seekers as it has one of the best growing job markets in the UK, with abundant employment opportunities.

The ever-expanding tech market in Cambridge has been referred to as the Silicon Fen. Many multinational companies, such as AstraZeneca, have moved their headquarters to Cambridge. This gives the workforce there access to some of the best technology firms in the UK.

When it comes to job creation, Cambridge offers many opportunities and is leading the way in job growth. Statistics have shown a 2.2% year-on-year growth in employment, and it is predicted to rise even higher over the upcoming decade.

Most commuters prefer to live close to the station. North wing Cambridge is up and coming with many developments being built. Relocating to Cambridge is easy, as there are many places available to rent due to the high turnover of students and academics at the University.

Companies such as Samsung, Apple and Microsoft have set up dedicated AI teams in Cambridge. The rapid growth in this area has created more than 14,000 digital tech jobs with a high turnover, which is much higher than the average UK city.

Companies in Cambridge with job opportunities

As one of the specialist engineering and technology recruitment agencies covering Cambridge. Hexwired Recruitment has a diverse range of technical and engineering opportunities across Cambridgeshire.

Some of the tech companies in Cambridge include:

  • ARM

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arcus Global

  • Sinclair Research
  • IESO Health
  • Jagex


  • CAMCON Technology
  • Samsung
  • Cambridge Semiconductor
  • Darktrace
  • ST Robotics

Example job titles that Hexwired hires for in Cambridge

  • Chief Engineer – Chief Engineering Officer, Head of Engineering
  • VP Engineering – Vice President of Engineering, Engineering Executive, VP Software Engineering
  • Director of Engineering – Principal Engineer, Lead Engineer, Director of Engineering
  • Engineering Manager – Software Engineering Manager, Engineering Program Manager, Manager of Engineering, Principal Software Engineering Manager, Senior Engineering Manager, Project Manager
  • Individual Contributors – Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Quality Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Engineer, Data Engineer, Product Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineering Technician
  • Entry Level – Engineering Intern, Apprentice Engineer, Engineering Aide, Engineering Clerk, Entry Level Engineer, New Grad Engineer, Junior Engineer

Technology areas we recruit for in Cambridge

The Hexwired technology teams cover various technical disciplines across engineering and development in the UK. Some of these areas include:

C++ >

Matlab and simulink >

Java >

Test >

Electronics >

Machine Learning >

Power Electronics >

Why Hexwired is the right partner

The tech sector is extremely competitive when it come employing engineering and technical candidates. In fact, talented engineers with top skills are always in demand and aren’t on the market for more than a few days. In conclusion, we go above and beyond to make sure they understand your company and work for you rather than your competitors. If you’re looking for the best tech recruitment agencies, contact us or get a call back.

Technology recruitment agencies that will find you talent

As Hexwired is one of the top engineering and tech recruitment agencies in Cambridge, we can assist with many employment challaneges. A few further ways Hexwired can help you as an experienced technology recruitment agency:

Recruit permanent placements

Building your team permanently is quick and easy. From advertising your position and company to extending offers and negotiating pay, we handle the entire hiring process for you. Recruiting a director, VP, C-suite executive or board member.

Hire talented contract staff

Bespoke, on-demand recruitment to help manage workloads, projects, and employee absences. Find highly qualified technology focused contractors, temps, and interim staff.

Employ remote talent

Experts are available to carry out remote work easily and as soon as possible. We work with you to make virtual interviews simple and stress-free. Get access to a larger talent pool of technology focused candidates, based in the UK or abroad.

Looking for a job?

Find temporary, contract or permanent tech jobs with the best technology recruitment agency in Cambridge, Hexwired.

Tech sectors we cover in Cambridgeshire

Aerospace technology recruitment >

Energy technology recruitment >

Electronics technology recruitment >

Semiconductor technology recruitment >

Automotive technology recruitment >

Renewable technology recruitment >

Defence technology recruitment >

Robotics technology recruitment >

Telecoms recruitment >

AI recruitment >

Broadcast recruitment >

Fintech recruitment >

System on Chip recruitment >

Video and media technology recruitment >

Space technology recruitment >

Audio recruitment >

About Hexwired Recruitment

Our technical recruitment consultants at Hexwired Recruitment have experience in the tech industry. We’ve built an outstanding reputation as one of the best technology recruitment agencies. Additionally, we’ve recruited for a wide range of companies, from fortune 500 firms to tech SMEs, covering niche software and development job vacancies.

Looking to recruit talent within technical sectors? Hexwired Recruitment is perfectly positioned to help employers find and match talented engineers and developers to suit your business needs. If you’re ready to contact a tech recruiter, give us a call or submit your vacancy, and we’ll reach out to you right away!

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Hexwired recruits for Cambridgeshire and towns around Cambridge:

  • Ely

  • Peterborough
  • St Neots
  • Wisbech

  • Saffron Walden

  • Mildenhall

  • Duxford
  • Huntingdon
  • March
  • Foxton
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  • Waterbeach

At Hexwired Recruitment, we make finding tech candidates in Cambridge simple and fast. Speak to one of our specialist consultants from a local recruitment agency, contact us.