Finding the best technology recruitment agencies when there are so many to choose from can be a difficult task, so which recruiter should you partner with?

To begin with, one of the first questions clients ask us is; with numerous technology recruitment agencies in the UK promising to offer the best services, how do you separate the best technology agencies from terrible ones? At Hexwired, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading service. This page will give you an overview of tech recruitment agencies in the UK.

Technology Recruitment Agencies

Overview of the technology recruitment agency market in the UK

The technology recruitment landscape in the UK is diverse and encompasses a wide range of companies. This includes prominent multinational agencies, independent remote recruiters, and various intermediate setups. Interestingly, the size of a company is not indicative of the quality of its tech recruitment services. Smaller recruitment firms often boast highly experienced staff, offering valuable expertise.

Technology recruitment companies that have recruiters specialising in a technical field often have a very established market knowledge base, and an extensive network of candidates.

Furthermore, in some instances, smaller agencies will have directors who have worked in the IT field for years and understand the importance of long-term relationships and the value of existing expertise in tech recruitment.

Questions to ask when hiring a technology recruitment agency

Knowing how to choose the right partner for your recruitment job vacancies can give you peace of mind. Additionally, it ensures your technical jobs will be filled with the right talent. These are some of the areas we recommend you consider when picking a technical recruiter:

Technical specialism

Does the recruitment agency cover the technical discipline you have jobs in? How long have the technology recruitment agencies been hiring in those technical disciplines? At Hexwired, our tech recruitment consultants specialise in their own technical markets and have gone through training to become experts in their disciplines. When it comes to technical jobs, the skills you might be after could be very niche. Therefore, working with someone who understands the requirements will help you find the right candidates whether it’s for junior roles or an executive search. Furthermore, we’re a tech agency that does not work on every and any job; we have a genuine interest in the technology market.

Sectors and industries covered

Do the recruitment companies specialise in the technical sector/industry? How long has the tech recruitment agency been hiring in those technical sectors? Working with agencies that are focussed on your sector or technology industries can provide insight into the current job market for tech professionals, as well as being up to date on the latest trends and developments in the technology industry. Since inception, Hexwired Recruitment has specialised in the technical industries.

Successful placements

Can they provide examples of technology positions the recruitment agency have successfully filled in the past? Consultancies that have previously filled the type of vacancies you’re recruiting for, or similar positions are more likely to not understand the hiring company and the job requirements. For one thing, tech employment agencies that cover every type of job including many non-technical roles are probably not a good fit for your technology jobs.

Sourcing talent

What strategies do they employ to source and attract top technical talent? How will technology recruitment agencies find talent for your jobs? This is a key part of understanding the level of access the recruiters have to candidates. At Hexwired, we use some of the biggest and best job boards in the UK. That’s not all; we have a large database with candidates that are searching for software, development, electronics or other technology jobs. Alongside finding talent through our various successful avenues such as the best job search engines.

Vetting candidates

How do technology staffing agencies assess the technical skills and qualifications of tech candidates? What is their process for screening and shortlisting technical candidates? Most recruitment agencies will explain their recruitment process in detail before working with you, with a particular focus on how they filter candidates. Recruiters should work with you to understand what candidate are required for the job, as well as knowing your screening process and complying with it. To sum up, our recruiters at Hexwired not only do the above mentioned, but we also take time to understand the client to ensure a good fit between the engineer or developer and hiring company.

Reviews and testimonials

Can they share testimonials or references from technology clients they have worked with in the past? Do they offer any additional services or support beyond the initial placement of technical candidates? Beyond the initial placement service, recruiters should provide after-care support. Reading reviews of tech recruitment agencies, whether they’re from Google, their website or testimonials, is a great indicator of the calibre of professionalism the technology agencies provide. To explain, one of the ways we take care of our candidates and employers beyond the initial placement of tech candidates is through listening. At Hexwired Recruitment, we value transparency and feedback. Read our reviews on Google, our website, or ask us for client survey feedback. We are proud to say Hexwired is one of the best-rated technology recruitment agencies in UK.

What makes our technology recruitment agency the best?

It’s not only due to 10+ years of combined technical recruitment experience, but our tech recruitment consultants also specialise in technical disciplines. This includes Embedded, C++, C, Python, FPGA, ASIC, Electronics Design Java, Test, DevOps, QA Golang, Java, React, Node, Matlab Simulink and more subdivisions.

In other words, you’re in good hands with us. Our technical consultants can fill your positions in a professional, proactive and efficient manner.

Find out more about our employer tech employment services for hiring managers, visit our employer’s page.

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How we make sure your job vacancies are filled

Within the tech sectors, competition for candidates is intense. In fact, talented engineers with top skills are always in demand and aren’t on the market for more than a couple of days. In summary, we go above and beyond to make sure they understand your company and work for you rather than your competitors. If you’re looking for the best technology recruitment agencies, speak to us.

How we get your technology jobs in front of candidates

  • Our team make sure your positions to show up where tech candidates are searching for jobs.

  • We invest heavily into producing material technical candidates find interesting.

  • At Hexwired, we listen to our candidates when it comes to tech jobs, and we keep them up to date.

Recruitment agencies that take your jobs seriously

Before you submit your vacancy to us, here a few further ways Hexwired can help you as an experienced tech recruitment agency:

Tap into new technical talent

Whether you need remote or onsite, temporary or permanent team members. Most importantly, we will connect you with talented and experienced technical professionals. Find the right tech candidates in the UK with Hexwired.

Hire niche and specialist skilled technical staff

Our tech recruiters have years of experience working with a broad and diverse candidate pool, including hard-to-reach candidates who may not be actively seeking new job opportunities.

Hassle free technology recruitment services

Receive support throughout the entire recruitment process, including advising hiring managers, assisting with job descriptions or interviews. Our recruitment agency in the UK is available to help.

Hexwired Recruitment can be your employment partner in the UK. Given that we are one of the best technology recruiters, we deliver when it comes to filling those challenging vacancies that are hard to find candidates for.

To summarise, unlike other technology recruitment agencies, our recruitment process, technical knowledge, long-term relationships and collaborative approach makes it easier and faster for employers to find their next hire.

About Hexwired Recruitment

Our technical recruitment consultants at Hexwired Recruitment have experience in the tech industry. We’ve built an outstanding reputation as one of the best technology recruitment agencies. Additionally, we’ve recruited for a wide range of companies, from fortune 500 firms to tech SMEs, covering niche software and development job vacancies.

Looking to recruit talent within technical sectors? Hexwired Recruitment is perfectly positioned to help employers find and match talented engineers and developers to suit your business needs. If you’re ready to contact an tech recruiter, give us a call or submit your vacancy, and we’ll reach out to you right away!

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