2023 Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide

We’ve put together 2023 UK salary and trends guides for the technology market, covering permanent and contract jobs average salary ranges, trends and insights for specialist technology areas.

Access the latest figures, ideal for jobseekers looking to make their next career move, managers looking to retain and hiring managers planning to hire tech staff for their business.

We provide a tailored and cost-effective recruitment solution for our clients, helping you to hire skilled professionals that are suited to your needs quickly. Our consultants’ knowledge and understanding of the sector, alongside their experience in the tech industry is one of the reasons we excel at finding you the right candidates.

In addition to the above, our recruitment process and collaborative approach makes it easier and faster for employers to find their next hire. At Hexwired we pride ourselves on providing professionals with worthwhile tech opportunities and offering expert insight and support throughout their career. If you’re in a new role or looking to hire for your team, contact us.

Tech Sector Salary Guides

Machine Learning Jobs Salary Guide

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Technology jobs salary guide for jobseekers and hiring managers


Technology jobs salaries 2023 UK covered in the guide