Tech Contractors: How to get contract work in a downturn


As the global economy continues to face uncertainty and fluctuations, it’s important for contractors to be proactive and take steps to ensure their success during a smaller economy. Contractors have a high chance of success during economic downturn as the world of work is vastly changing. Global trends such as digital transformation, the consistent need for software developers, growth of e-commerce and mobile technology, have heightened the requirement for contractors’ expertise. Contractors in tech should focus on securing contracts in robust tech industries and prioritizing projects that are deemed essential to their clients’ goals and objectives in order to thrive during economic downturn.

We recommend the following tips for contractors to be acquire software or development contract work in a recession:


Diversify your skillset

During an economic downturn, companies often reduce their workforce and seek contractors with a broad range of skills who can perform multiple tasks. For example, if you are seeking an opportunity in IT, previously, you may have been hired for your unique technical abilities and will have typically been limited to that specific role. However, in today’s landscape, IT contractors are expected to possess exceptional communication abilities and a comprehensive understanding of business operations, along with an awareness of how their role affects the larger scope of the project. Therefore, by diversifying your skillset, you’ll increase your chances of being hired for a wider range of projects and industries. Consider taking online courses or attending workshops to develop new skills that are in high demand.


Network, network, network

Networking is key to finding new opportunities, especially during a recession. Attend industry events, join professional organisations, and reach out to your recruitment contacts to stay updated on new projects and job openings. Building strong relationships with recruiters can also increase your chances of being hired for future projects.


Be flexible

Companies are more likely to hire contractors who are flexible and can work on a variety of projects. Be open to working on projects outside your usual area of expertise and be willing to adapt to new technologies and working environments. It is also important to be discerning when selecting contracts – opting for engaging projects in industries that incorporate cutting-edge tools and technologies can provide you with valuable skills that will be highly sought after in the future and even command a higher rate if the economic slowdown persists.


Build relationships

In a recession, building strong relationships with clients and recruitment agencies is more important than ever. Provide exceptional service and exceed their expectations to build a positive reputation and increase your chances of being hired for future projects.

By adhering to these strategies, contractors can not only endure but flourish during economic downturns. As a recruitment agency, we understand the difficulties contractors encounter and stand ready to assist and steer you through the changing job market. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help you in securing your next contract in tech.


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