How to Retain Top Talent During ‘The Great Reshuffle’


The unemployment rate in the UK has reached its lowest level ever, while job openings have reached a high of 1.3 million. Although this is great news for candidates, it presents new challenges to businesses, as an increasing number of workers are resigning in order to find better opportunities. We are terming this ‘The Great Reshuffle’ and business leaders must be equipped to attract and retain top talent, as it is very likely that your workforce may be thinking about leaving your organisation.


So what can organisations do now to get ahead of ‘The Great Reshuffling’ and to attract and retain top talent?


1.Foster a culture where your employees want to stay

Incentives such as flexible schedules, remote work, higher salaries, and referral bonuses are increasingly common. As helpful as this can be in attracting and retaining top talent, employers must also foster a feedback culture in which employees have a voice. Business leaders must listen and act on the needs expressed by employees in order to promote well-being and work-life balance.


2. Demonstrate what makes you stand out

During ‘The Great Reshuffle’ candidates have many options and they will be seeking the employer that best meets their expectations and needs. As a result, employers need to demonstrate what sets them apart as an employer. They need to consider the factors that make a candidate want to work for them. Beyond salary, employers will need to think about career development and training opportunities, work-life balance, flexible work arrangements and other incentives.


3. Offer Enhanced Flexibility

One of the key things professionals seek from their employers is flexibility. Flexible working conditions apply not only to remote or hybrid work but also to work schedules. Organisations should also be prepared to offer flexibility in pay. Many employers offer counter-offers to existing staff in order to retain employees, therefore it’s a good idea for employers to be flexible in their offer and ensure that it ticks all the boxes for the candidate. If such flexibility cannot be offered, it’s likely that your employee will seek a better offer elsewhere.


There is no doubt that employees are constantly assessing their current role and considering whether to stay with their current employer or move on to another one. As such, employers must be aware of the importance of meeting the needs of staff and candidates in order to attract and retain top talent.


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