There is a tendency for new situations or changes to make people feel anxious – a new job can be exciting, but you might also feel nervous because you are new to your role and the dynamics of your team. New job anxiety can negatively impact your professional experience and productivity if not managed appropriately.


Here are some tips to help you calm your nerves and make you feel confident on your first day:


1. Express your feelings

Work on identifying why you feel nervous and communicate this to either a trusted family member or friend. You may receive helpful advice, but even if you don’t, you will certainly calm your nerves and reduce your stress levels. Alternatively, you may prefer to write about your feelings. This is a great way to acknowledge how you are feeling and focus on staying positive.


2. Be prepared

Feeling anxious can hinder productivity; therefore you should spend some time carefully going over the job description of your new role so you feel confident about what’s expected of you. It is highly unlikely that you will understand everything straight away; it will take some time to become familiar with the new culture and environment so take it easy and give yourself time to learn.


3. Establish a good first impression

First impressions are very important, but don’t go overboard with them thus causing you worry and stress. Focus on being yourself and make an active effort to get to know your colleagues. Don’t allow your nerves to stop you from communicating with your new team – try to be enthusiastic, friendly and demonstrate a desire to learn.


4. Ask questions

It is helpful to prepare a list of questions before your first day at your new job; these questions can then be ticked off when they’re answered throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your role, team and the culture of the company. Asking questions will not only allow you to learn but it also demonstrates your desire to learn and prosper in your new role. Once your questions have been answered, you are likely to feel more at ease about your new position.


People who start a new job commonly experience job nerves. Remind yourself that your employer has clearly seen potential in you so you are capable of succeeding in your new role.


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