How to answer the most difficult interview questions 


Preparing for a job interview is not an easy task, especially when hiring managers deliberately ask challenging questions to catch you off guard. 


Hiring managers are keen to assess your ability to respond effectively to difficult questions, especially when you are under pressure. It is, therefore, worth learning how to answer such questions in order to set yourself apart from other candidates. 


We have collected the top five most difficult questions with advice on how to answer each one.  


1.Tell me about yourself. 

While this may appear to be an easy question, the vagueness of it makes it a tricky one. Providing a great answer to this question will give the hiring manager a positive first impression of you.

In asking this question, a hiring manager wants to know: 

  • A brief description of your education and professional experience 
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to your position 
  • Why you were attracted to this role and what you are seeking in your next role. 


2.What is your biggest weakness? 

When answering this question, you may be tempted to provide a positive attribute as your biggest weakness, but we highly recommend that you do not do this. 

The purpose of this question is to allow you to be honest about an area in which you really need to improve. However, it is also important to not share something that may be a cause for concern.  


An example of a great answer that will impress the hiring manager is: 

My past has often been one of saying ‘yes’ to taking on more responsibilities, but I’ve realised that I sometimes take on more than I should, so I’m working on managing my time better… 


3.Why are you the best person for the role? 

This question requires you to share what sets you apart from your competition, i.e. focusing on your unique selling point. One of the most effective ways to answer this question is by linking your strengths to the key competencies required in the job description. You can mention any relevant technical skills, soft skills and key accomplishments.  


4.Why did you apply for this role? 

It is common for hiring managers to ask this question to gain a better understanding of why you applied for the position specifically at their company as well as your motivation for applying for the particular role you applied for. Although this question may seem similar to “Why should we hire you?” this is not the case.

Successfully answering this question requires you to showcase your motivation and enthusiasm for not only the job opening but also the organisation. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully research the company and position you are applying for beforehand, so you can really show your excitement to be interviewed for the job. 


5.What is your salary expectation? 

Answering this question can sometimes feel uncomfortable especially because you do not want to undersell yourself – or worse, overprice yourself. 


The key to answering this question is to research typical salaries for your job and use this to support you in being honest, confident and most importantly realistic when sharing your salary expectation. 

It is inevitable that you will have to answer tough interview questions at some point in your job search process – the key is to be fully prepared for these difficult interview questions so you can land your dream role. 


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