The pandemic has brought about a significant shift in the job market over the last few years leading to the popularity of remote and hybrid work. This transition has posed challenges for many job seekers and employees who are finding it difficult to adapt. However, as the youngest generation of workers, this is your new norm providing you with an opportunity to enjoy its advantages.

As with most advantages also comes disadvantages – the lack of experience among graduate job seekers and employees often makes it challenging for them to navigate towards a successful career. While there is no definitive solution, Hexwired Recruitment provides the following insights to assist graduates in starting their career search.


A successful career isn’t a race

People often feel pressured to have a well-defined career path that includes specific goals and milestones. However, this may only be achievable for individuals who have experienced rapid success, and not everyone will follow the same career journey. It’s crucial to keep in mind that each person’s journey towards a successful career is unique, and it’s okay to start without a clear idea of which career path to follow.

At this point, conducting research and exploring a variety of opportunities is beneficial, while also being open to the possibility of your career taking a different direction than originally anticipated. Use this time to develop your skills, seek challenges and discover your talents and if takes a few failed attempts to achieve success, then that is also perfectly fine.


Build strong connections

The transition from being a student to becoming an employee can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel lost about where to start. In today’s society, where social media is widely used, having a reliable and strong social network is advantageous during your job search.

Effective communication has emerged as a valuable soft skill that many employers seek, and you can use this skill to create strong relationships with people in your desired industry, clients, and colleagues. Doing so will greatly benefit you at some point in your career journey.


Use a recruitment agency

There is no quicker and effective way to finding the perfect career than using a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies such as Hexwired Recruitment use their expert insight and knowledge of the market to help match you to the right employer. Their specialist recruitment knowledge not only saves you the time and headache when searching for a career, but their vast network and connections ensure that you land your dream career at no cost while being guided and supported throughout your job search process.


Thing long-term

While it is desirable to search for the highest-paying career with numerous benefits, this isn’t always the right thing to do as it will often lead to disappointment. When searching a career for the first time or if you are choosing to switch careers, you should consider employers who are willing to invest in you. Take the time to research the training and development opportunities they provide and how you will be able to continue progressing within the company long-term.


The challenges are many for graduate job seekers and employees but so are the opportunities, so this is the perfect time to start your career journey and enter the new job market with confidence.  To view all jobs we’re currently recruiting for, visit our tech jobs page.

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Hexwired recruitment provide a tailored and cost-effective tech recruitment services for our clients, helping employers to hire skilled professionals in software engineering that are suited to the business needs quickly. Our technical consultants’ knowledge and understanding of the sector, alongside their experience in the tech industry is one of the reasons we excel at finding you the right candidates in software.

We provide both contract and permanent solutions to the technology sector, covering areas such as Embedded Software, Electronics (FPGA, Digital Design, RF, IC Design), Software Test, C++ software engineer, Python, Golang, Machine Learning and Data Science, Technical Sales and Project management, and more. Need help hiring permanent/contract talent or looking for a new job? Contact us today.

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