5 people skills you need to succeed in your career


A successful career requires not only technical expertise and appropriate qualifications, but also the ability to effectively communicate with people. Employers are looking for candidates with good people skills, so we have compiled a list of the top five people skills required for your professional development.


1. Being a good listener

A good listener is one who pays full attention to what the speaker says and responds thoughtfully. The ability to listen effectively will help to create a respectful and open working environment, where your co-workers will feel understood and heard.


2. Being polite

The key to creating a harmonious atmosphere is to treat everybody with respect, whether it’s the receptionist or the CEO. It is easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed when your workload increases or complications arise, but it’s important manage this pressure while maintaining politeness with your colleagues.


3. Being accountable

Mistakes are bound to occur in any role but the key to career success is to acknowledge and understand the mistake you’ve made in order to prevent further mistakes from occurring. Being able to take the necessary steps to make improvements will ultimately allow you to achieve new milestones.


4. Remaining positive

When situations get tough in the workplace, remaining positive creates the most impact. Having a positive outlook will not only mean that your colleagues enjoy being around you, but it will also allow you to manage situations in a healthy manner. It is known that happy employees are associated with higher productivity levels, so always make a conscious effort to spread this good feeling of positivity in your workplace.


5.Being empathetic

Empathy is a skill that may not come naturally to you but can certainly be practiced and developed. It is the ability to understand a situation from another individual’s perspective. If you’re a leader, empathy is a skill that will help to create a sense of trust and safety in your leadership. Regardless of the position you are in, empathy can help to build meaningful working relationships and equip you in better handling conflict or challenging situations.


Good people skills are vital to your career success. Practising these skills will help you to contribute to a positive team moral thus maximising efficiency and productivity.


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