Top Tips for Starting a New Job Remotely 2022 

Although working from the comfort of your home for a remote job may feel like a luxury, starting a new job remotely can be very nerve-wracking. The lack of face-to-face interaction with your colleagues and having to adapt to new technology can be challenging, however you can still make a great first impression.  

Whether you have just accepted a remote job or are interested in one, our top tips will help you get the most out of your new position. 


1. Find a comfortable workspace  

New remote workers may find it difficult to find the optimal workspace due to the endless distractions available. Your surrounding should be one that promotes productivity, so try to find a location free from traffic noise, visual distractions or ambient sounds.  However, you should also address the fact that you will be sitting for long periods of time, therefore it is vital that you are stretching every hour or so. Most importantly, do not work from your bed or sofa as this can cause serious neck and back complications. 


2. Understand the Relevant Technology 

Becoming familiar with new technology for your new remote job is key. Ensure that you have fully tested the software, any relevant programmes and tools that you will be using (for details on this refer the job description or the training materials provided to you). 

You can present yourself well to your manager and new colleagues if you gain confidence in the technology you will be using. To avoid challenges with using new technology, try to quickly familiarise yourself with the troubleshooting process used in your company.  

It’s also necessary to note that you will be involved in many video meetings and possibly lengthy calls, so always try to show that you are engaged and actively listening through your body language and focus on the camera. 


3. Communicate Effectively 

Getting to know your new team virtually may seem difficult, but once you figure out the preferable means of communication for your colleagues, it gets much easier. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone by stating your name and role – you can do this via email or instant messaging. Keep introducing yourself until everyone knows you, and you may need to do this more than once. 

If your manager hasn’t set time aside to meet with you, you should reach out to them and find a suitable time for you both – there may also be an opportunity for you to meet with them face-to-face, be sure not to miss this as it will help you to establish a relationship with them. 

Getting to know your team on a professional level is crucial, so where possible, take the time to get to know them on a personal level by arranging a social call once a month. Not only will this allow you to gain a better understanding of how they operate, additionally it will also help to create an enjoyable working atmosphere for you. 


4. Ask for Help 

It is common for new starters to avoid asking too many questions to avoid appearing incompetent. However, there is no doubt that you will have many questions when you begin your new remote job, and that’s perfectly normal. Having confidence in your own skills and abilities is vital, you should not be afraid to seek help where necessary, especially if you are struggling to understand a new software or technology. Once you’ve started to build relationships with your colleagues, it is helpful to find a trusted colleague that you can ask questions.   


5. Switch Off 

Finally, it is highly likely that you will get carried away when working from home, resulting in you taking few if any breaks and practicing very little physical activity. This is can cause both physical and mental harm therefore, you should prioritise your time by creating a list of tasks for each day and sticking to your schedule. A good work/life balance will help you to increase productivity so remember to take regular breaks and avoid working on the weekends.  


We at Hexwired Recruitment wish you the best of luck with your new remote position. You can find great remote positions in our jobs section if you still haven’t landed your remote job.  


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