Rejected after an interview: How to survive interview rejection   

It’s a known fact that people often get stuck in the negatives and so when rejection from a job interview hits, it can be challenging to not take it personally. Understanding how to deal with job rejection starts with changing your mind-set into a positive one, one that should positively affect your performance for future interviews.  


Here are some tips on how to effectively cope with rejection from a job interview: 

1) It’s not personal, turn it into an advantage 

The pain of not receiving a response from an employer is extremely devastating when you feel you put your best foot forward during an interview. Everyone faces some sort of rejection at some point in his or her career, but it says nothing about you personally. However, the employer has decided who they feel is most qualified for the position, whether it is because the employee has worked in the industry for a long time or because a particular skill caught their attention.   


2) Adapt your approach if you’re continually rejected after interviews 

If you find that you’re being rejected multiple times, and you’re on the verge of giving up, you may want to relook at the approach you’re taking.  

Are you applying for jobs that are not in your area of expertise? Have you updated your social media accounts to ensure you are presenting yourself in a positive light? 

Consider carrying out a mock interview with a HR professional or friends/family and request constructive criticism for you to act upon. You want to avoid feelings of negativity, anger and resentment as these will often show during an interview.  


3) Avoid rejection from every job by assessing your expectations 

Set challenging goals and aim for success is great but consider what you define as success. It can be difficult to land your dream job in the current job market due to the pandemic, so try your best to congratulate yourself on small victories such as when you hear back from an employer or when you land an interview. Make each step of the process count – find a reason to celebrate.  


4) Be persistent in learning and developing 

Job rejection will likely have a negative impact on your confidence and motivation – especially when you’ve been stuck in the cycle for a while without employment.  

It is important that you use this time to further develop your professional skills and experience. Consider enrolling in a part-time course or uptake a voluntary role while you continue to hunt for jobs. Not only will this boost your confidence but it will increase your chance of successfully landing the next job. 


5) Stay Positive after an interview 

Remaining positive after being rejected from a job you really wanted can be hard, but once you master it you will no longer be adversely affected by rejection.  

Don’t engage in destructive habits such as overeating, withdrawal, or binge drinking.  

Focus on your strengths and engage in activities that will boost your self-esteem and mental health. Listen to a motivational podcast, read a book or take a stroll in the park. It’s time to focus on the next opportunity, because the sky is the limit. 


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