Recruiting tech talent in a volatile job market 


The current employment market is hugely different than it was a few years ago. With the unemployment rate being at its lowest, job openings continuing to rise and concerns about high inflation and a recession – employers are forced to reconsider their recruiting and hiring strategies to attract and retain the best talent.  


Though the current job market is complex and possibly confusing, companies can still attract and retain top tech talent through the following strategies.  


Build a productive and resilient team 

Over the last year, one of the key challenges businesses have faced is attracting and retaining top tech talent. The talent at your company is one of your biggest assets and therefore should be a priority. One of the key ways in which your company can retain top tech talent is by upskilling your team. While it may seem costly initially, the investment pays off as it will aid productivity, talent acquisition and retention, and create a more robust workforce.  


Simplify and personalise communication  

As technology continues to advance, it is important for companies to adapt their communication methods to successfully connect with current employees and job seekers. When communicating with staff, it is essential to build an effective relationship with them by streamlining communication – this in turn keeps staff well-informed of crucial information and new job openings.  


One of the popular ways of speeding up communication used by recruitment agencies is text recruiting. This method can be used for the sourcing and hiring of top tech talent in order to build connections with prospective candidates as recruitment agencies such as Hexwired. The best recruitment agencies will have a database of the relevant active and passive candidates they have good relationships with. Thereby, maximising the efficiency of the overall recruitment process for companies.  


Focus on passive candidates  

According to LinkedIn, passive candidates make up 70% of the talent market. Passive candidates are potential candidates who are not actively seeking a new job opportunity but may be open to opportunities that meet their professional expectations, especially if the company also shares similar values to them.  


Recruiters will make sure you reach the right active and passive candidates and streamline the recruiting process for you. One of the best methods to attracting passive candidates is through being active, networking with specialist recruiters on social media sites such as LinkedIn. This is a great way to network with recruitment agencies that have technical specialists in your market and will be able to successfully find top hires for your company. 


The strategies listed above are just some of the ways recruiters will use to attract and retain top tech talent for hiring managers. Recruitment agencies are continuously up to date with how the market is changing and understand what job seekers want in order to take make that job move.  


If your company is seeking to hire top tech talent, get in touch with one of the best technical agencies in London, Hexwired Recruitment. 



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