#QuietQuitting – How is it really affecting employees? 


More time for friends, family and personal interests, and maybe even a side hustle – this is what the viral workplace trend of ‘quiet quitting’ supposedly promises. In essence, it entails doing the bare minimum of the job description in order to prioritise a work/life balance, but what does this trend really mean for employees and job seekers? For a better understanding of whether you should really “quietly quit”, let’s weigh the pros and cons.   


The Pros 

Among many other effects of the pandemic, overwork and fatigue contributed to employee mental health deterioration and burnout. Although many employers have acknowledged that employees have been negatively impacted, there still remains room for improvement. Ultimately, success isn’t worth sacrificing one’s physical and mental health, family, friends, leisure time and so on. Perhaps the trending hashtag #quietquitting will finally encourage these employers to reflect and carefully consider the work/life balance of jobseekers and employees.  


The Cons 

Quitting quietly has become popular at a time of uncertainty in the labour market. In the ongoing war for talent, employees have the upper hand as more jobs are available than workers. However, nobody knows what the future holds. If a recession and layoffs take place, this will cause the balance of power to tip, therefore putting employees in a risky position.  


Additionally, employees and jobseekers should consider the impression they are creating. Employers are increasingly using social media to research candidates, so it is likely that old posts will come back to haunt you. Such posts regarding ‘quiet quitting’ should be carefully considered by jobseekers and employees – what kind of message is being sent to prospective employers? The chances of employers offering a job to someone who makes a poor first impression are slim. 


Employers pushing boundaries led to silent quitting, but not all employers are guilty. Many tech companies are prioritising employee needs and encouraging a healthy work/life balance.  


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