Update your CV: 6 effective but minor ways to update your resume in 2022

As you advance in your career, it’s vital to keep your CV updated with your most relevant skills and attributes. Keeping your curriculum vitae (CV) refreshed is good practice and should be regularly updated with valuable skills, experience and qualities to ensure consistent progression within your career. Crafting the perfect CV only takes a few minutes.


Here are 6 small yet effective updates to enhance your resume for the best results.


1.Update your resume’s design

Your resume doesn’t necessarily need to have a striking format but you still need to aim for an appealing look. Try to have a good ratio of white space to writing – some standard professional fonts you could use are Roman, Helvetica or Calibri. Unless you’re going for a creative role then Comic Sans works well. There’s nothing wrong with using a CV template but do tweak the design to ensure your CV stands out to some extent.


2.Keep your CV relevant

It may be likely that you’ve used the same resume template for many years, but it’s important that the content of your resume is relevant to the job you are applying for. You should get rid of any old (irrelevant) positions, especially if you’re 10 years into your career – this is the standard number of years of experience you should include on your resume. Similarly, the skills, qualities and experiences on your resume should align with the job description.


3. Remote skills are the future

If you’ve completed a new course or developed a valuable skill, any sort of relevant, valuable and professional improvement you’ve made should be included on your resume. It’s a great idea to add in remote working skills as many employers are embracing remote work.

Consider remote work collaboration tools such as Trello, Google Docs, Asana, etc. You can include some of these key words on your resume (where applicable).


4.Key words are vital for your CV

Remember that recruiters have heaps of resumes to read in 2022, one way to grab their attention is through engaging key words. Use keywords relevant to the industry you are seeking to work in – take a careful look at the job descriptions in your industry and make sure you’ve listed some of the necessary key words in your experience and skills section.


5.Update contact information on CV

Your contact information should be up to date and professional. Consider setting up a professional email for communication and avoid dated phrases such as ‘references available on request.’


6.Proofread before submitting your CV

Once you have updated your resume with the important changes, finish off by reading over it in order to correct any typos, grammatical mistakes or formatting.


Now that your your CV is up to date, you’re ready to apply for new job opportunities. If you would like our recruitment consultants to match you to jobs, get in touch with us today.

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