How to confidently resign from your tech job


Resigning from your job can be a difficult and emotional decision – it is common for people to feel awkward about resigning, but successful offboarding is essential for maintaining your professional reputation and relationships.


Be prepared

There are many reasons for leaving a job, but it is important that you are certain about your decision to resign before informing your company. There are many things to think about before resigning – for example, have you considered the opportunities for progression within your existing company? Would you be willing to change your mind if your company offered you a better package to stay?


By having clear reasons as to why you want to resign, you will feel much more confident about resigning. You should also ensure that your new job offer has been confirmed and that you have carefully checked your contract.


Meet with your Manager

Depending on your company’s policies and your employment contract, you may be required to provide a certain amount of notice before you resign. Arrange to meet with your manager face-to-face as early as possible and ensure that you use this opportunity to explain your reasons for resigning in a respectful and professional manner.


It is also courteous to outline some of the ways in which the company has helped you grow professionally – by remaining positive, you will be able to avoid any bitterness and ill feelings.


It is best to avoid going into too much detail about the reasons for your resignation, instead you should make a follow-up appointment to hand over your letter of resignation.


Write a Resignation Letter

The purpose of a resignation letter is to confirm your intention to leave – this letter should be simple, polite, and professional. There is no need to go into detail about the reasons for why you are resigning as you will have discussed some of this already in your face-to-face meeting with your manager.


If you require support in writing a resignation letter, you can use the following templates.


Support with Transition

Even though you are leaving the company, it is important to help with the transition by completing any outstanding work during your notice period and ensure that any remaining work is handed off to someone else smoothly. This will help to demonstrate your commitment to the company and show your employer that you have been cooperative.


Leave a Positive Impression

It is easy for a resignation to turn bitter so to avoid this, you must focus on maintaining a positive reputation and relationship with your employer and colleagues as you may end up working with some of them in the future. It is best to speak positively about your employer and show that you have been grateful for the opportunity to work for your employer.


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