How to Attract and Retain Women in Tech

Despite excelling in many fields, women continue to be underrepresented in the technology sector. To bridge the digital skills gap, it is important for tech companies to acknowledge and address the gender gap that exists in today’s technology job market.

Here are some of the strategies your company can implement to attract, engage and retain women in tech:


Create an inclusive work culture:

When evaluating a company, one of the main aspects jobseekers and workers consider is the company’s values and culture. As a result, to attract more female candidates, your company should prioritise raising awareness of gender diversity. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements for equality, prioritising inclusivity promotes employee satisfaction. To attract women candidates in the tech industry, companies can implement measures such as using gender-neutral language in job descriptions to avoid language that suggests the job is intended for men as it is likely that this will deter women from applying for the job.


Represent women at all levels:

Providing women in technology with the chance to advance and excel in leadership positions is a powerful method of enticing them to the tech industry. Having women in higher-paying and senior tech roles is crucial for establishing an inclusive workplace. This not only enhances overall business performance and gives you a competitive edge over companies that don’t offer such opportunities to women, but it also provides aspiring young women with role models to look up to.


Provide the appropriate work benefits:

In today’s competitive job market, workplace benefits hold immense importance for job seekers. While some of the preferred benefits among job seekers include remote work opportunities, private healthcare, and flexible hours, these preferences may vary for women. To attract and retain female employees, it’s essential to understand their specific needs, expectations, and desired benefits, particularly those that cater to their unique challenges such as maternity leave and family responsibilities. Offering benefits such as paid maternity leave, flexible working options, and childcare facilities can immensely boost job satisfaction for women.


Invest in progression:

Tailored training and mentorship programs are also one of the best ways for supporting and acknowledging women’s career aspirations and potential in the tech sector. Having a mentor can offer essential support and guidance, particularly for underrepresented groups who can benefit hugely from learning from role models. Additionally, tech training can equip women with a better understanding of what a tech career entails, allowing them to make the best decisions when applying for tech roles or pursuing further education in tech.


There are several ways for attracting and retaining women in tech, but the key is to take the first step and ensure that your company is taking the necessary action to improve gender equality within the tech industry. Get started by  getting in touch with us today to learn about how we can help you in securing your next contract in tech.

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