We’ve found these are some of the sought after skills require for Embedded Software Engineer jobs:

  • BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Suitable programming experience in C or C++
  • Experience in embedded software engineering or similar role
  • Experience in development and troubleshooting on embedded targets
  • Experience and knowledge of software configuration management tools and defect tracking tools
  • An excellent understanding of OS or Firmware coding techniques
  • Good understanding of different IP protocols, processors, controller designs, interfaces and hardware subsystems
  • Knowledge of Microcontrollers (or MCUs), Microprocessors
  • Other sought-after skills include experience with Linux operating systems, System on Chip (SOC), Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS), debugging skills and device drivers

When applying for Embedded Software Engineering jobs, it’s best to check the technical job requirements thoroughly to see if you will be a good fit for the job.