What is the difference between agency and in-house recruiting in the UK?

Which recruitment approach is best for you?

What is the difference between agency and in-house recruiting in the UK?

When a company is looking to find or hire for very niche technical positions. There are only two ways to do this effectively in the UK.

In order to find and hire candidates, a company has two options: To handle the recruitment internally (in-house) or to outsource it to a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies in the UK assist with finding and shortlisting top candidates for a fee.

When handling recruitment in-house, it is best to hire a dedicated recruiter or even create a recruiting team. In case that’s not possible, then a current employee should handle the recruitment process.

Recruiting in-house vs. using an agency: advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages of using a recruitment agency in the UK.

Most agencies are technical experts in their chosen sectors which means they can find the best suited candidates for your jobs.

A recruitment agency will be able to find you more qualified candidates in less time as they are experts in hiring and will have access to a large database of relevant candidates. However, there will be a cost attached.

Alternatively, using in-house recruitment methods may cost you less. However, will require you to invest more time and effort finding the right candidates.

Using UK recruitment agencies has many pros and cons, and so does using in-house recruitment teams.

Agency recruiting vs. In-house: which is best?

Using both approaches have specific advantages and disadvantages.

Which is best for you will be dependent on market knowledge, your current and future hiring requirements and accessible resources. 

If you have really difficult positions that need to be filled in a limited time, using a specialised agency like Hexwired Recruitment might be the best choice.

Recruitment agencies in the UK are also a good option for when you need to hire a large of number of temporary workers.

If you’re interested in finding our more about advantages and disadvantages of using a tech recruitment agency in the UK, contact us today.

Alternatively, if you’re a growing brand that will have high demand for new hires and will continue hiring for years to come. It might be best to invest in building an in-house recruiting team.

Taking this approach will allow you to have greater control over your employer brand.

Additionally, you will be able to build your own talent pool of qualified candidates. Which can drastically improve your hiring time, cost, and quality.

Many companies in the UK use both in-house teams and external recruitment companies, especially when looking to fill difficult and specialised roles.

It’s important to know you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Some of the top companies we know successfully combine both approaches of recruiting. Using both models allows in-house recruitment teams to work in partnership with a specialist recruitment agency, for example Hexwired Recruitment works with in-house/HR to recruit candidates for hard to fill tech jobs in the UK. As a result, companies are able to benefit from both approaches.

Need to find out more information or just have a chat about which recruitment approach would work best for you? Contact a Hexwired Recruitment consultant today.


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