4 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves in 2022


An effective leader is one that sees opportunities and possibilities in order to successfully execute the company’s vision. However, it is common for leaders to be more concerned with how employees fulfil their role as opposed to reflecting on themselves. Leaders should reflect on their own leadership in order to determine ways in which they can maximise their contributions as leaders.


Here are four questions that leaders should be asking themselves to support with self-reflection.


  1. Are you growing?

The growth of an organisation is linked to the leader’s ability to learn – a great leader is one that is constantly learning something new and finding new strategies for implementation. In order to drive the business forward, leaders should review the key lessons and areas of growth they’ve learned in the previous month.


  1. Has your company culture changed?

A new era of remote work began with the pandemic, and although the future is uncertain, business leaders should understand the needs and expectations of employees and the business as a whole.


According to a report produced by the Chartered Management Institute, 40% of managers said that if they were not given the opportunity to work from home, they would be more likely to look for a new job elsewhere.  Additionally, 56% of managers would only work 1-2 days in the office.


Whilst there is no fixed solution, it is important for leaders to consider how such changes in employee needs affect the company culture so leaders can respond and act accordingly.


  1. Do you inspire others to do more?

Leaders should not only understand what it takes to inspire their employees but they should also actively find opportunities to inspire the best in others. This can be accomplished by helping employees find meaning in their work and creating an environment that motivates them to succeed. As a result, leaders must ask themselves the question: what am I doing to bring out the best in those I lead?


By fostering an environment that encourages employees to go above and beyond rather than simply completing day-to-day tasks, leaders are able to create value and achieve positive growth for the company.


  1. What is your biggest win?

Reflecting and reviewing on leadership is not just about focusing on areas for improvement. When leading an organisation, it can be stressful and difficult, so it is equally important for a leader to focus on the positives. Identifying successes and wins helps leaders to create a positive attitude and mind-set thus leading to further wins.


Leading effectively requires hard work and dedication as leaders are faced with new challenges on a daily basis but there is no doubt that asking the right questions aids effective leadership.


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